Organizations tackling humanity's hardest problems need more than standard solutions.

They need flexible, customized tools built by responsible makers who understand their missions.

As a responsible maker, do you...

  • Find it difficult to explain your technology in simple language?

  • Lack community conversations to stay grounded to grassroots needs?
  • Get overwhelmed looking for funding opportunities and pitching?

  • Feel stuck and wish you had access to a community of support?

Let's gather to innovate
tools for public good


  • Connect directly with nonprofits to bring them into your development process
  • Accelerate development with resources, support, and experienced mentors
  • Learn storytelling skills that will help get your solution funded, launched, and used
  • Launch your solutions within a community of early adopters & innovators


  • Upgrade your tech stack to be more resilient and adaptable
  • Learn technology applications and bring new knowledge and experience back to your organization
  • Co-create purposeful tools instead of making due with the 'standard'
  • Become self- sufficient and take control of the tech you use

Join the Decentralized Web Series

Using DWeb tools, we empower nonprofits to take ownership of their technology and impact solutions.

This series features conversations and resources that explore the benefits, examples, and methods of building decentralized solutions that are purpose-built for change makers.

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